The Lanzon
News! Gifts!
November 18, 2019
Hi lovely readers - big apologies needed, I know it's incredibly frustrating when comics mysteriously stop updating and I've always tried to avoid doing that. I'm a bit upset because I thought I'd set things up to auto-update in my absence so I could take that cognitive load off my mind and it looks like that went wrong, so I've just posted up two months worth of updates at once for you! Hope you enjoy them, even if they're belated!

So what happened? Where'd I go?

In short, 2019 has been a really exciting year for me, but I'm frazzled: I've had an artist residency at a museum, I got the funding to create an educational science comic which launched at an event in London this week, I've had my work published in a few different places, not to mention I've been doing some really exciting projects in my day job, AND I'm studying for a postgraduate teaching qualification. It's all great stuff, but my beloved passion project Earth in a Pocket had to wriggle down my list of priorities a bit, for a little while.

But I come bearing gifts!

To atone for my screw up, I can finally share same things with you

Firstly there's Athena and the Tortoise, a research grant funded project. If you like knowledgeable tough women explaining things to cute creatures, and hopefully you do, then this comic is for you. A shiny well designed online version will be coming later next year, but here's a prototype. Comments and feedback greatly appreciated!

Then there's the similarly-tortoisey TORTOISEHOARD, a short comic that I completed for the Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize

I hope you enjoy them! My plan is to try to get back into a Tuesdays update schedule from here on out, and to keep everyone better informed about what's going on. Thanks so much for your patience and support <3