Thank you for reading!
February 8, 2020
I've written many stories over the years. I think it's safe to say that Earth in a Pocket is my most personal one.

Three years ago when the story was forming in my head, I felt like I had metaphorically crash landed on a desolate alien planet. I was beginning to realise that the things I had spent many years of my life preparing myself to do weren't going to pan out due to circumstances outside my control, and that I was going to have to try to find purpose in the situation I was in. Little by little, page by page, I tried hard to learn that lesson alongside the characters.

The wonderful thing is that in the same way Halisi's mission failure opens opportunities for her she couldn't have imagined (like teaching alien children about badgers...) this comic has led me to lots of exciting new things. I've given talks in schools. I've contributed to a kids magazine. I've undertaken a writer's residency at a museum. I've created an educational science comic. I've started selling at conventions. Best of all, I've met a bunch of incredible people. I'd especially like to thank everyone atthe webcomic collective SpiderForest for accepting Earth in a Pocket, and giving me so much help and guidance.

So what's next?

I would love to create a print version of Earth in a Pocket - an ultimate version with some updated artwork and expanded scenes. Organising that, either through a publisher or through crowdfunding, will take a while, so please keep in touch! You can find plenty of ways to keep in touch here.

I'd also recommend checking out my other comics.

If you've enjoyed the comic, please tell your friends. I've put hundreds (thousands?!) of hours into this comic over the years and it makes me very happy when other people read it!

Thanks again, everyone. See you in the future!
- Helen