About Earth in a Pocket

Anthropologist-turned-astronaut Halisi Mwangi's lifelong mission is to bring the past to the stars. After years of planning she blasts off into space in a rocket brimming with carefully chosen priceless antiquities designed to reconnect space colonists to their cultural heritage back on Earth.

One unexpected malfunction later, however, and Halisi is space-shipwrecked on a strange alien world. As she struggles to survive and find a way back home, she finds herself with a new mission: to teach the local alien denizens about humanity, armed with only the contents of her pockets.

About the Author

Helen Greetham is a writer and illustrator from the UK midlands, and has created various webcomics set across time and space such as The Art of Monsters, Breaking the Lore and Earth in a Pocket.

She studied archaeology and anthropology at university before going on to conduct research on early medieval ecclesiastical buildings, and her fascination with the material culture of the past and researching obscure things often makes its way into her stories.

When she's not creating comics, she works in the social sciences department at a university. You can read all of her comics at see more of her work HERE!