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February 19, 2019
My work is going to be in an exhibition!

Let's see if I can stop squealing with excitement long enough to tell you more ;D If any of you are around London (specifically Newham!) on Saturday 2 March you might like to visit the Newham Comics Factory, which will have some comics workshops, an exhibition of comic art and comics/artwork for sale. There will be some things from Earth in a Pocket and some of my other works, and a chance to buy my comic The Trapper Lad. WooOOoo!

My mission to go to jail is ongoing.

I'm currently putting Ko-Fi donations towards exhibiting at ComicsSalopia, a really exciting comics convention. If I raise enough money I'll get a tiny table/exhibition space in a cell inside at Dana prison, an 18th century jail (which closed a few years ago-!)

You can read more here.

The Earth in a Pocket comics teaparty chat is now online!

Earth in a Pocket was featured in Comics Tea Party, a book club for comics. You can now read people's theories and opinions on the comic (and a few responses from me, although I was trying to stay demure and mysterious...)