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Only Seven Sleeps 'Til Christmas
December 18, 2018
This week's guest comic is by Microraptor, creator of Cryptida! I think it's absolutely canonical that Halisi likes libraries this much.

This is the LAST UPDATE before Christmas, and so of course I've got to plug my Christmas kickstarter, which is for a print version of my comic The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit.It's a fully funded festive feast, so don't leave it too late to join in and become a backer!
My Kickstarter got Funded! (But there's still time!)
December 11, 2018

The squishies play a dangerous game...
I love this guest comic by Jon Kay creator of Cosmos. It's definitely the kind of ridiculous things they'd get up to if they had an apex predator around to mess with. (Thanks Jon!) ^_^

The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit is here!
The kickstarter for my Christmas comic is currently ongoing, make sure to check it out now so you don't miss out! It's currently FULLY FUNDED!!!
The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit

(I'm also posting the comic online throughout December for free - see the kickstarter page for details!)
The Prettiest Squishy
November 27, 2018

Look at this gorgeous art!
This fantastic guest art is by Keiii, creator of the incredible Heart of Keol. It's Little One's dreams come true - badgers AND plants!

Psst hey it's nearly December...
As you'll know if you follow me over on twitter, I've been going frantic putting together a special Christmas comic called The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit, which will release daily in the run up to Christmas. I'm going to simultaneously be running a mini-kick-starter for people to pick up printed copies of the comic, so keep an eye out for that! It'll be launching this Friday, and I'll update this post with a link.
It's Guest Post Time!
November 20, 2018

I'm taking a little break from Earth in a Pocket for the remainder of the year to focus on a couple of other projects, mainly The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit, a sequel to Dickens' A Christmas Carol which will be released one page a day throughout December. (You can find it here on Tapas if you prefer!)

BUT! Thanks to some very kind and talented friends, I have enough exciting content to bring you something new every week until I come back. First though, here's a little something I've cooked up myself...

Click to play!

Earth in a Pocket - The Game!
Clik the image above to play! Use your arrow keys to explore. Interact with things several times to see if something different happens! Can you repair the spaceship (before having to wait around in the vain hope that someone will rescue you eventually?)
It's not very long, but keep exploring and hopefully you'll find some fun things. See you next week!