Wow, so much news!
October 9, 2018
It's probably no surprise that Halisi is a fairly capable mechanic - it's not her job, but you don't fly out into space without being able to do a bit of jiggery-pokery!

I have so much news this week you're not going to believe it.

-I have a discord!- I have set up a discord server for Earth in a Pocket - a place for sharing art and cool stuff about history, archaeology, science and any other stuff that interests you! And just chatting. Here's an invite!

I still have some badges left. - You can get your own little squishies over at my Etsy shop!

- I'm hoping to create some really cool prints and posters soon, help me out!- If you enjoy the comic, please consider donating over at my Ko-Fi! . Rather than using the money for hot drinks, I invest the money back into producing the comic. I'm currently saving up to produce some posters and prints for my shop.

- I'm still looking for December guest art!- There are two more slots available for guest art for Earth in a Pocket (although let's be honest, if you are kind enough to do me some guest art it's going up, nevermind the "slots!") If you're interested, just do some fan art or a guest page or whatever - no worries about making it "canon," so long as it's family-friendly! I'll credit you here, and on my other sites. You can email me at helen@greetham.me.uk, or contact me on social media.

Some more cool comics! Last but not least, here are some other sci-fish comics that started SpiderForest around the same time as I did!

Faction:In the game of MUlate, players are sorted into Factions and must fight for domination. Emma Martina – a well known sponsored player – has played MUlate since it first launched, but with her Faction on the brink of elimination and mounting pressure from her sponsors, she begins to wonder how long she has before she’s out of a job.

Temerity: Taeru is a very serious genetically enhanced super-soldier. Naia is a less serious sugar-addicted mercenary. Together they’re the best work-for-hire duo in the galaxy. In an intergalactic world of mechas, brain hacking, and terrible pun t-shirts, Taeru and Naia spend their days performing daring missions for their clients and fighting their own personal demons. Now they’re embarking on the most dangerous mission yet: taking down the organization that created Taeru—and attempting to keep their partnership strictly professional. [br][br]
Gifts of Wandering Ice: “Gifts of wandering ice” is a sci-fi comic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. These things, the “ice gifts”, can be anything from frozen ancient trash to valuable technology and even living creatures. Studying ice gifts is dangerous but it’s the only way to restore the forgotten history of humanity.

...I think that's everything. If you read all of that you're an absolute star!