Sweet Dreams
Thought Bubblin'
September 20, 2018
I mean Halisi says the Lanzon didn't shake her up... but if you've got a good memory you might recall something which would indicate that's not entirely true ;D


Thought Bubble!
I'm heading off to Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend - not tabling, but if you spot me feel free to come over and give me a high five. I might even have some squishy badges on me! I'll be wearing my trademark hat so I'll be nice and easy to spot...

More cool comics!
Here are some more SpiderForst newbies, with comics about "after things fall apart"!
Black Shallows: Hadian’s world is sinking into the sea. As ever increasing amounts of land fall into the water, blame is cast on a hidden and secretive group of people whose strange ability to travel through dirt and time may be causing the devastating collapses. Hadian is one of them.

Interritus: Centuries ago, the survivors of a chemical apocalypse emerged in a world affected by radiations. Decades of gruesome war between the fire and water nations culminate in a reluctant treaty, as now both sides have a common enemy - swarms of spectre demons that destroy and take away lives regardless of power or faction.

Ten Earth Shattering Blows: Lady Landabella Trastan, a noblewoman from the rich city of Vezenia, travels across the desert with a skimpy escort. Her quest: to kill the “evil witch” that resides in the fortress of Saltfall. Her motives: unknown. What is certain is that she hugely underestimates the task. Caught between ruthless slavers and lizard-riding riders, she soon discovers that the authority of her noble status is worth nothing in a lawless, unforgiving land.

Broken: Broken is a fantasy/horror story about a psychic zombie kid befriending a fairy general and trying to deal with guilt, grief, and PTSD. This is complicated by eldritch abominations, a genocidal dictator, the dictator's wife, and a panic-induced exit from the last known bastion of civilization.