The Lanzon
September 6, 2018
Well, that's the last box unpacked - guess we're all moved in! Mmm, don't you love the smell of fresh code?

Earth in a Pocket was recently accepted into SpiderForest, a webcomic collective that I've admired for a long time. I'm excited at this chance to be in a group with so many amazing artists, and the future possibilities it's going to bring to Earth in a Pocket!

If you're here from ComicFury or Tapas, no worries - the comic will still update over there, it'll just a page ahead over here.

Thanks so much to Darwin for all the help creating this site, check out their comics, The Only Half Saga, Michael and Gemutations: Plague.

(Oh, and be sure to test out that brand new comments box for me! Perhaps you could rate Halisi's childcare abilities on a scale of one to ten...)